buying a damaged canoe...

… does it make sense?

I am looking at bobs special in kevlar and it is brand new but was damaged by storm during last fall. It had a puncture and it is now repaired. I am looking at savings of %40 over brand new.

Go for this or stay away?


Kevlar is not absolutely pucture proof. If the repair was done correctly it is no big deal.

Where was the hole?

Give us a little more info please.

Was the repair done by someone who you can trust to have done it right to begin with and stand behind the repair?

If its a well done repair it should be no problem at all. A repair I made on a palm-sized damaged spot on my old glass boat was holding strong after 20 + years when I sold the boat.

Sounds like your getting a great boat at a very good value.

outfitter repaired
This boat if at a good outfitter here in Ontario and was repaied by them. Lots of their boats gots damanged and now fixed and they are passing on the savings. I might take a plunge on this boat as it is a great value for the money here.


If The Boat Suits Your Needs…
…go for it.

We picked up a brand new kevlar BlueWater Prospector a few years ago that had been damaged in shipping - a bunch of nasty-looking but non-structural scratches in the gelcoat, and a small crease in the laminate itself. The insurance company wanted rid of it, so they gave it to a disaster cleanup crew they use to sell thru a flea-market thing - got the boat for about 1/3 retail. Took a palm-sized piece of glass cloth inside the hull, and a tube of LePages 5 minute epoxy to repair the crease inside and out - the scratches stayed as they were until last season, when some bottom damage resulting from our years of dragging it thru the shallow streams between ponds we frequent required some repairs - finally repainted the hull with gelcoat. It ain’t the prettiest canoe on the water, but it floats just fine.

Repairs to fiberglass and kevlar aren’t rocket science - mostly involves good surface prep, glass cloth, epoxy resin, patience, sanding and a little scratching where the dust gets on your skin.