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Hi all, ill be fishing from and using my kayak for fitness, as well as fishing, as well as recreation . I am a beginner and i will mainly be using the kayak on lake monroe in bloomington indiana (if you need info on the lake ) and possible rivers. I want one that i can do all of the above on and still use at more advanced kayaking skill levels. I also want a larger oar i see those make the kayak go faster…? Anyways i could use any and all help in piurchasing my first kayak.

Suggest Scupper Pro
with the tank well. Same as the RTM Tempo.

It’s a rather fast SOT that works well for fishing.


Longer paddles do not make your kayak go faster. You do not use oars on a kayak.

Paddle length is a matter of personal preference. Longer paddles tend to have a lower attack angle, and are useful for gentle floats, or for floats where you have long distances to paddle and don’t necessarily want to be lifting the paddle real high over that long distance. To go faster, you need MORE paddle strokes, and to get that I generally recommend a shorter paddle length. The blade has a shorter arc to travel between strokes and that means you can get it into the water that much faster. The blade going through the air does not help you.

As far as kayaks, there are literally dozens that will do some of what you want well and some OK. You’ll have a hard time finding one kayak that will work well for a fitness program, speed, and fishing, on rivers, and on lakes. I think you need to do a little prioritizing, or recognize that whatever you get will be a compromise.

Generally, for fishing you want a fairly wide kayak to get high initial stability. This will generally slow you down. To get speed, you want a narrower kayak, which will generally reduce the initial stability you want for speed and fitness paddling.

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Demo Days
Try going to a demo day, the manufacturers will a lot of different boats you can try, so you can actually paddle it before you buy it. I’ve been to a couple where Paddle manufacturers have been present with different paddles to try as well.

Also, some paddle shops on the water will let you try out different paddles if you buy your boat from them, or even let you try out used boats on the water.

Don’t go out and buy a boat because I have a XXXXX and like it, or because she tried an YYYYY and didn’t like it. Just try out stuff untill you find what you like.

Tried a few.
My recommendation is to try a Tsunami 145 not a fishing kayak but with a few mods will do just about anything you ask of it.

Pretty Fast,stable,roomy,easy to maneuver for it’s size.

I love mine but have only been in a handful of kayaks, I am also a first year paddler. After looking and trying a few of my friends kayaks I wanted a step above rec yaks and this hit the spot for me.

Been on lakes/ponds, narrow fast creeks with lots of sharp turns, and some mild white water class I possible light class II never had a problem keeping up with smaller boats, most of the time they hang back and follow me. It takes a little more effort in tight areas but that is where the exercise comes in.

Try as many as you can before final purchase. I got lucky and picked a boat that suited my needs to a T, I don’t feel I have sacrificed anything with this purchase.

Be Safe and good luck.

Eric G.

What kind of fishing do you do?
If you like to take multiple poles and a lot of equipment, generally a SOT makes it easier to access your stuff. If you’re a one pole, coupla lures type, definitely consider a SINK. I’ll second the recommendation for the Tsunami. Great boats, lots of glide, track well, stable, very efficient boats.

try a canoe?

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I would go with some of the sit on tops the others have mentioned. Try out some of the boats you're looking at and make sure they do what you need them too. I would also consider a canoe. I wrote and article about canoes vs kayaks ( you may want to check out. I think there's a lot more room for gear and moving around in a you can take your fishing buddies along for the ride.

Thanks everyone for your input, i will take all advice and log it into my computer brain and let it guide my purchase!

The local outfitter sells Necky brand kayaks? Anyone know much about necky?

do they rent?

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Try out their Manitou 13 and 14. They are not designed to be fishing machines but all-around fine boats that should be stable enough for fishing. Read the pnet reviews of Necky kayaks to narrow down the ones to try.

Many places credit the rental charge to the eventual purchase price.

For fishing and kayaking get this one!
This is the one that i have been using here in Minnesota all year now, i can take it down the river, out on the big lakes, or just fish a little pond, and it still tracks good. Here is a link to check it out. Good Luck!

Necky = Garbage nm

response to buying a kayak

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I think i like the current designs kestrel 140 . I have never tried it though. I t said that it gives up a little manuverability for bigger storage so on ect ect. Wonder how i could take one for a test ride..........? I have saw good review on it though most have it a 9 /10 or 10/10. The only kayak i have tested out is a ten foot kayak at the lake boat rental place i think it would be a bit foolish to shell out 2,000 on a kayak ive never tried.