buying a kayak

we’re shopping for our first sit in kayaks and found 2 different ones we like

necky looksha 14 and the wilderness systems tsunami 145

any opinions???


Impossible to answer

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These boats float, go forward, backwards and turn, but beyond that it is impossible to give an opinion without knowing more about your intended use, paddling locales and approximate sizes. If for example you are a 5'1" petite woman, both boats would be overly large and uncomfortable barges on you. If your intended uses is distance across large open water, these boats may or may not be satisfactory for the longer term.

Here is a link to a site which talks about this a bit - I suggest that you take a read then come back here. Look under the topic "How to Shop for Your First Kayak", and rummage around the other parts while you are there.

The two mentioned boats are comparably featured, but I note that the Tsunami 145 is specifically stated to be for larger paddlers. I suspect that you two are not the same size, which argues for your getting two different boats even if in the same model series.

We chose the Looksha…
My wife and I recently bought 2 Looksha 14’s. I was on the fence between the Necky and the WS Tsunami. Personally I can’t say which is better but we are very happy with our Looksha’s. I am getting ready to purchase 2 more kayaks for my daughters and again I am caught between the same 2 models. One side says go with the Looksha because I am very happy with it and the other side says try the Tsunami and have both boats. I am anxious to hear what other people have to say about these models.

two great boats.
Sit in them and see which one feels right. Maybe you like the looks of one better too. It really isn’t so tough a choice. These are both good boats for a wide range of sizes of people and a variety of uses. After your boating experience increases, you will have a better idea if you chose the perfect boat for you. There is no perfect boat. But you would be hard pressed to make an error choosing between these two as a first time purchaser.

Yes and no
I agree that both boats perform the basics fine.

That said, I’ve seen shorter or smaller women out in a boat so wide and tall that they were knocking their knuckles for every second stroke. Frankly it was an unpleasant paddling experience. They also were having real problems keeping up with their spouse, in a better matched boat to size. That usually doesn’t work out well, especially when said spouse decides to “help”.

The Tsunami line in particular has boats that are well sized for smaller people, and for a few more moments of time spent finding a decent fit the mutual paddling experience can be hugely more enjoyable.

I agree that any first boat is unlikely to be a final one, but the experience has to be pleasant enough to want the next boat.


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I saw my wife get frustrated and angry with a boat and gear that was too big. Finding a boat and paddle that fit her properly made a huge difference in her comfort and enjoyment.

A boat that's too big will be harder to paddle and harder to handle in waves and wind. A boat that's too wide and/or too deep will be uncomfortable and inefficient to paddle.

I've seen too many couples of different sizes in matching boats.

Unless you *really* need the size of the Tsunami 145, look at the 135 and 140.

Look at the Necky Eliza as an alternative to the Looksha 14.

Didn’t like my Looksha
was too slow, and small, but I am 6’1" and 202 lbs

Much happier in my QCC700

They might be right.
The 24.5 inch wide Tsunami is infinitely wider than the 24.5 inch wide Looksha. You cannot tell by measuring them, it is strictly a subjective thing.

Looks like the cockpit of the Tsunami is a bit wider at the combing. My wife likes that open feeling, but she is much smaller than me. I have a 16 inch wide cockpit and a 40 inch waist, I like the nice close fit, it doesn’t rub though. She doesn’t even want to get into that boat, though I am sure it would fit her better.

I like the big front hatch on the Looksha. But I like the day hatch in the Tsunami.

You can’t beat the Looksha seats, but the Tsunami also looks excellent. Never actually had the butt cheeks in a Tsunami. A boat you are comfy inside, you will just naturally spend more time in it. Looks like you did a good job choosing similar design boats. It’s a crap shoot. I think the Looksha looks prettier. Both are great quality.