Buying a New Boat Help?

I am a beginner/ intermediate paddler on whitewater (started 2 seasons ago). I had a Dagger Gtx but unfortunately I was too hard on her (some gnarly class IV swims) and now she’s down for the count. I’ve been looking at buying a new boat, and it has come to my attention that a friend of mine is selling his Pyrannha Ammo for $450. Question is, is this a good boat for an intermediate river runner? I do mostly whitewater (class II-IV, but would love a V in the future) and don’t really do much playboating. I was looking around for a creek boat, but I don’t have the money to spend on one right now (college tuition). Thoughts? Opinions?

The boat is in great shape, and 3 years old.

not to dis this forum, but
boatertalk (kinda east) and mountainbuzz (kinda west)are way more whitewater focused than this forum. So, you might ask there as well.

useful site
Don’t know if the Ammo is on their list but this ww blog has some good specific advice on matching models to performance and paddler experience.

I would think of the nano as a short
river runner but you would actually be paddling a little more volume than your last boat. Agree with others, you’ll get much more info, opinions, and firsthand accounts on boatertalk.