Buying a new kayak

I’m looking to buy a new kayak. The only exposure I have to shop for them is at the mall (EMS store), so you can guess alot of the price of the kayak is to pay for their overhead at the mall. Can anyone tell me another place to shop in person or online that is less expensive. I live in South Eastern PA.

Here ya go

Demo…demo…demo…and buy used…
It is well worth your while to demo…demo…demo…and then purchase a used or demo kayak…you really don’t need to purchase a new one…except if you decide you want to purchase a new design. Look on this site for used boats…as well as ebay and peruse the websites of many kayak shops who are selling used/demo boats at this time of the year (Google will be a great help here).

Or…given that it is the winter…if you are looking for a project AND want to save a good bit of money on a fiberglass boat, you may consider building a kayak. If so check out: There are many kits that are available…and plans as well.



buying without trying …
it’s generally not a good idea to buy a kayak without having tried several first. they come in a variety of lengths, widths, hull designs and accordingly, a variety of handling characteristics. you’re likely to buy one sight unseen and untried and hate it within a few months.


One of the largest and most complete paddle sports shops in the East.

Also check "Shanks Mare"
There are two great Kayak Shops in SE PA. They are each great in their own way. They have their strong points,and weak points.

Check Blue Mountasin Outfitters as in the above post, and also check Shanks Mare, which is a little farther south on the Western shore of the Susquehana river. Their web address is

As I said they both have their strengths and if you check them both out, you can better decide what you want to buy.

But ALWAYS demo before you buy.

Happy Paddling!

Piragis in Ely ,Minn.
These are good folks. I have bought several accessories from them. They often have used boats.


They will ship to you cheap, and no sales tax. Prijon kayaks have same basci price where ever you buy (not sold in malls). Agree with try before you buy, though.

What type kayak are you …;…
looking for?

There is only one to my knowledge that you can buy sight unseen and have it shipped to you with a complete 30 day guarantee.

They will take it back with a full refund if you are not happy with its performance. It’s QCC.

If that is out of the question for you check with any other outfitters witin a couple of hundred mile radius of you.

Like others say don’t buy any until you try them out.



JackL is right
on the money. I take forever to put my money down on anything, but have been very happy with my QCC boat. Had several poly boats, and wanted to up-grade to a nice composite. Read their web site and give Phil a call. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Have fun and paddle safe.

Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville, near Harrisburg on the west bank of the Susquehanna, is the best shop I’ve ever run across. It’s a 90 minute drive for me, so it isn’t exactly just around the corner, but it’s well worth the trip. Can’t say enough good things about them. And, if I’m not mistaken, you can arrange test paddles of specific boats.

Thanks for all your advice. I found a dealer in New Jersey (Jersey Paddler) they got about 1,000 differant canoes and kayaks to test drive. Thanks again.

BMO and Kelly’s
Kelly’s Canoe and Kayak is near Gilbertsville, just off rte 100. They are a ‘mom and pop’ type store, but are very nice and have a pretty big selection of rec and sea kayaks. I’m not sure about their selection of WW kayaks. They have good prices and service. They do have a website I can’t remember the address though.