buying a new kayak

i still need some help in deciding what kayak to purchase. i can’t make up my mind between a pungo 120 or a rip 12. please - any advise. what would you buy. thanks

Butt time
Both have only a rear bulkhead and no perimeter lines so they are pretty similiar in regards to class.

The big difference is cockpit size so I’d try to sit in them to see if that makes a difference.

When I bought my boat I was split between a necky and a wilderness systems but I went to the dealer and he put both boats side by side on the floor and it took 60 seconds with my butt in the seats to decide.

The W/S phase III seats are pretty sweet. I spent 5 hours in mine last weekend and only had one chance to get out for about 15 minutes.

agree with pirate
It’s like deciding between buying Levi jeans and Gap jeans. Pretty much the same product but one will fit your butt better.

You didn’t…
fill in any info about where you are likely to be paddling or why you are are switching boat from your earlier post. This may help for better suggestions.

agree on butt time
I agree with the others on butt time, but would also suggest getting more than just the time you would get sitting on the dealer’s floor. Taking them out paddling is better.

The Spring 2012 issue of California Kayaker Magazine has some ideas on how to get butt time. Can be read for free online at