buying a sea kayak

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the most effective/best sea-large river kayak might be. I live on the oregon coast. the guy at the surf shop said that an old town cayuga 130 would be good. I like the 146 a little better after checking their site, but they didn’t have one at the shop so obviously he didn’t recomend it. Do any of you have a good recomendation for a beginner to look at for a good investment as far as sea kayaks go. I don’t mind spending a little more if I am sure it is going to be the right kayak for years. Thanks all

first kayak
I started with a kayak that was 15’ 9" long and 24" wide, but I wished I’d started with one longer and narrower. I wanted one longer and narrower within two months. A lot of it depends on you: your size, your plans, how fast you want your kayak to be, and how athletic you are. Most important: try a number of kayaks out before you buy one or get talked into buying one.

Tsunami line is a good place to start
They are versatile kayaks that are great for beginners and will allow you to grow in your skills. I would go for the 140.

You could also try the Manitou line (either 13 or 14).

where are you in OR?
I would suggest finding someone who sells and demos sea kayaks. It’s a cheap way to try one on. Lessons would be an even better option, but regardless I’d try to get some seat time before buying anything. Then I’d shop used.

Don’t buy yet.

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I'd suggest taking a lesson from an instructor who had at least a couple of different sea kayaks you could try, or go to a dealer that has more choices that you could demo.

"The guy at the surf shop" is probably not your best guide to choosing a sea kayak.

How tall/heavy are you? What's your previous experience paddling or with boats?

Are you anywhere near these guys?

For that price, I'd take the Aquanaut(if it fit me) over a Cayuga any day. But you need to get more information and experience to decide for yourself what works for YOU.

130 is a better boat than the 146

Craig’s List
What’s for sale, had an impact on me…

Doesn’t exist
Right now you probably can’t pick a single most effective/best sea kayak that you’ll like for now and for years. There are boats that you could grow into, which may feel like too much right now, and boats that will feel good right now and you’ll grow out of within a couple of years.

Take the above advice - get some basic instruction, when you buy your first go used. Paddle for a while then go for “the” boat.

Of course by then you’ll find that there isn’t just one of them either. :wink: