Buying a second hand kayak

When buying a second hand kayak, what sort of percent off new do you think is reasonable? I am looking at a 5 year old Current Design Pachena fiberglass that is in good shape. Would 50% off the price of a new boat be reasonable? Thanks.

Hard to give a hard and fixed number, and I am definitely not an expert, but in general I would think that 75% of list price is too high. Below that could be reasonable, based on the the specifics of the boat (age, condition, etc.).

I guess the 75% is like new - used once or twice (yet doesn’t show the usage) and current model year. Do remember, getting 10 or 15% off a new boat is not unreasonable if you buy a new boat at the right time, so 25% off list for “nearly new” used would seem reasonable to me.

Add the 5 years of use and storage on the boat you are looking at, and 50% could be reasonable.

Maybe 40% off
I would say a few years old, like new except surface scratches woudl be about 30% off. Given 5 years old, maybe 40% off. Usually 50% off means there’s some ugly worn areas on the deck or hull, or the seat or backband is sorta messed up. That’s my limited experience anyway.

Paul S.

About 50% off
Last year I picked up a used Kajaksport Artisan Millenium. New, the boat runs about $3200. This one was 4 years old and in pristine condition. Boat still looks new. Came with a canvas cover, lendal paddle, cockpit cover and was stored indoors.

photos here…


WOW! Nice!
Great shots Andy, looks like a brand new boat! I guess some people buy and then don’t like kayaking after all? It is so shiny and new looking - and you have given me some good storage ideas as well. Thanks.

The boat was used quite a bit…but
the previous owner took good care of it. He gave it up because he just finished converting his TRAWLER to rec use!


A Trawler?
As in fishing trawler?? It seems to me that it would be great to have a kayak strapped to the trawler - much closer to the water than having it in the garage!! But good luck for you, a very nice boat.

My used Pachena
was about 1-2 years old, very nice condition with a few hull scratches and came with a spray skirt and a spare paddle for $1500. Your deal for $1000 with the extras sounds about right to me. Hope you enjoy the boat - I’m really liking mine so far.


40% off is a good deal all round
a glass boat well stored can easily last about 20 years.

A rotomolded boat will last about half that. Totally different degradation curves under use.

I usually figure 50% off and then go up or down depending if the boat needs a repair or if extras are included. I would not buy a used boat unless it was at least 30% off list price.

Things I read here on P-Net
I read here over the years to deduct about 25% for a 1 year old kayak, and maybe 40-50% for a 2 year old.

After that is is based on condition. If you are looking at a 5 year old Conmposite Kayak with accessories that looks like brand new, You could expect to pay more than 50% of new.

Condition is more important than age, unless it is REAL OLD! :slight_smile:

50% off current list? Or off the origina
A related question–are we talking 50% off the current list price? Or the original list price? Last summer, I sold a 3 year old kevlar boat (minor surface scratches only) for about 35% less than what I had paid for it. But the price had substantially increased for the new boat, so the used boat ended up being 50% off the current new price. I sold the boat to a good friend, so that was fine with me, but I did wonder whether other figured their prices from original sale prices or current prices on newer versions of the same model.

I use the new price
since that’s what they’d be faced with at the store

(but maybe I’m doing it wrong)

Current List price 2,749
The used Pachena is at least 5 years old, has some scratches but not deep, had a new gelcoat to the hull about 3 years ago. The top deck is quite faded as it was kept on a dock in the sun for several summers. They were unsuccessful bringing up the color with some product thats supposed to do that. They want 1,000 for it with the spray skirt. I have no idea what it would have cost new 5 years ago. My husband found it comfy, I felt like I was rattling around in it. So? good price or should I run away?

Cdn $
If it’s Cdn dollars, the price sounds ok. I’d probably not want to pay more than $800, unless I’d been searching for that model.

Did a quick web search and found Tornaks sold for $450 with skirt and pfd last month.

Price on used Tornak
Wow, thats a very good price! I will offer much less than the 1400 asking for the kayak, skirt, paddle, pump, pfd, & drybags if I like it, although she seemed pretty firm on the price.

Craigs list
Check craigs list for kayaks. There appear to be two perhaps better boats in your area in that price range.

you can start a thread
and ask what we think it’s worth if you’re the one selling it; if you’re the one putting a price on it. But the buyer is goes to put whatever price they think they can get for it, or they think it’s worth, and what are you going to do? Show her this thread and tell her she has to come down? I guess I don’t understand the premise underlying this whole thread.

Well, I think I am rapidly becoming an informed buyer. I am certainly learning more about what to look for and refining my search needs. I am also learning what is a reasonable price for a used boat. Before this I had no idea what was reasonable. No, I can’t imagine showing the seller this thread. Thanks for your feedback.