buying a used boat unseen and shipping i


I’m looking for a used Necky Pinta or a Thunderbird. I have found a couple of them online on here, craigs list, etc.

anyone know of a good shipper that just does kayaks? one boat is in SC and one is in CA.

Also any thoughts on how to check out the boat in advance. questions to ask or pics to request?


This is a frequent question on this and
other boards, so I hope someone comes along who has succeeded at a purely “private” point-to-point boat shipment.

I just received a canoe, with just bubble wrap for packing, carried by Roadway from New England to Atlanta. The boat builder had apparently worked out with shippers (ABF is another) an arrangement so that crating was not necessary. My canoe arrived with no significant damage, in spite of the light packing. Maybe, if you are in or near a city where there is a Roadway or ABF terminal, you could check to find out what is possible. It isn’t cheap. Shipping for me was about $200, but the alternative was for me to drive to New England to get the boat, at today’s gas prices, plus room and board.

Try calling
Steve Skinner (585-313-9467) He runs a canoe/kayak sales and transport business and hauls boats coast to coast. If he is going near where the boats are he might haul for your at w reasonable rate.

Have someone in the area check it out
I know of several cases where buyers ask for people on boards like this to inspect the boat. There may or may not be a kind soul here who will do that but you can ask.

Ask the condition and for pictures

And always inspect the boat before accepting it. The driver will want to dump it and run to the next delivery. Don’t sign anything until you have examined the boat for shipping damage.

Had a friend that had this problem with his kayak.