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We live on an island and are looking to purchase a tandem ocean kayak to use for camping trips on more remote beaches. Unfortunately, we are limited with our options, as shipping costs to the island are quite pricey and our options for buying new are limited.

The local Costco has an Equinox 13.0T available for a reasonable cost. My question is: Is this boat an ocean kayak, or a kayak we should feel comfortable taking on trips up to 22 miles long around a remote coastal area?

Here is the link to the boat:


If there are beach landing places all
the way along your route, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it.

If I lived year round in a warm climate I would have a SOT and it wouldn’t have to be a high end one.

Jack L

tough, slow

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get used to going with prevailing winds/currents as it's a slow boat. There's a limit how much you can drag a plastic boat on rough surfaces before you wear a hole in the stern. If two of you dragging up from the bow is the default method to getting out of high tide mark you might think of attaching a sacrificial strip of plastic on the stern.

Make sure there's a tether on all through deck hatches. Every once in a blue moon a production sit on top can have leaks through scupper hole seams or mounting hardware so get crafty with home repairs.
Think of it as a one speed cruiser bike, and you're thinking of touring through hills. Going downhill is easy and walking uphill will happen.

re. that big center hatch. it looks related to the old WS hatches that were used on Tempests with a wide flexible rim on plastic center, if it is you should attach four tie down points around the hatch and use some method of cross hatch tie down so the hatch CANNOT pop off accidentally. The very last thing you want is a sit on top that fills with water. You can use four machine screws with finish washers, locknuts and a piece of folded over webbing or the conventional two screw plastic padeye to anchor the hatch tie down. A simple piece of non-stretchable line can be laced over the hatch or two straps w. buckles. If your hatch gets dislodged in surf the boat will go down.

Are you talking Nepali Coast?

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Just from your name and the distance you mention it sounds like you are thinking about the Napali Coast paddle from Ke'e around. I would look into a kayak with better rocker and reputation for handing rough water. Ocean Kayak used to make a model called the Cabo. The Malibu II would be a bit slow for paddling the coast but it is certainly sea worthy. Even in summer there can be some very rough landings and long stretches where you can't land. You want a kayak on Kauai that handles wind very well.

I would stop in at Kayak Kauai in Hanalei and see what boats they are currently using for the trip.

If you live on Kauai .. I'm jealous, such a wonderful place, I was only there for a week but got to see almost the entire coastline.

Check craigs list hawaii. Some good deal right now …

Better boats than what you are looking at @ Costco too.

Kauai Boat
I suggest you go to a local kayak rental place and talk to them about what you are looking for. Let them know you are interested in purchasing a tandem kayak and ask if you can spend some time on their boats to see what fits you best. Offer to buy the used boat you are interested in. The best way is to offer them some money to do the test runs and see if you can have that money or some of it go to the purchase price.

You have a number of issues that many mainlanders dont have to worry so much about, one is tide the other is those trade winds. A mix of the two and you are off on an unplanned visit to the California coast. Take your time, make notes, see which ones are sluggish, and which ones are faster. Buying used is a great way to get a great boat. Hope you find one that suits you soon.


there is a costco in kauai?
There go my illusions again.