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I am thinking about buying a canoe. I will be using it for me and my girlfriend in small lakes and nothing over class II streams. I have been looking at Old Town Discovery 133K and Mad River Explorer 16TT and 14TT. Which canoe would you recommend?

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comment on the canoes you've talked about since I haven't paddled them. But the Exlplorer in TT tends to be on the hefty side. If the weight doesn't bother you........Scan down the list of posts.(on the advice forum) There is another person who posted a question of the same type. You may find your answer there.......Good luck.
Or check out the archives section..

The disco is a food all round boat, but
14’ is a little small for tandem unless you guys are kid sized. The Explorer line is tried and true. I would think about an Explorer 16’. Another option is a prospector style boat. Test paddle some boats to see what works for you, both solo and tandem. Chances are, you’ll be paddling solo part of the time.

The Grass is Always Greener
The PET material is very tough and heavy. When is does wear it will be difficult to repair. But it is a better price than Royalex. The Disco is a good entry level boat. It trades some speed for a little more stability, so, don’t go racing.

The TT material is Mad Rivers’ “Triple Tough” plastic. I wish I knew more about it. The name implies durable. It may also be PET.

Don’t spend too much money. And in a couple years trade up. By then you will know…

If you are bumping down shallow rivers and hitting lots of rocks. Royalex would be a wise purchse. Skid plates also.

If you stay on lakes and never hit rocks. Buy a fiberglass or kevlar canoe.

Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Have Fun.

Mad River Explorer 14TT
I have mine loaded and ready to go in the morning. I’ve not paddled the others, but first bought the 14TT when it was called a St. Croix. 2 years on this one, and 3 years with another and I think it’s a fine river boat for two people for day trips or light overnights, one person for extended river trips. It’s heavy, the polyethylene will warp slightly, it doesn’t track well, but it loves twisty rivers, and is steady and predictable without being too much of a dog to paddle. I do wish Mad River would make this boat in a royalex hull and save a few pounds, plus make it less likely to warp. BTW, the warping is noticable to the eye, but can’t tell a difference in paddling charachteristics since it was brand new. It’s hard to weed through the Mad River Explorer reviews for the 14TT because in their inherant wisdom, Confluence has named half the Mad River fleet “Explorer.” Here’s a link to the St. Croix, may help more. WW