Buying canoe missing mfgr. tag

Hi all. First post here. I’m looking at a used canoe and trailer and the owner says he cannot locate a tag that identifies the model of the canoe. I havent actually seen it, we’re just corresponding by e-mail… is this a concern as far as registration, titling, etc?

It’s a like new 14’ Michicraft canoe and trailer and he is asking $1500. Is this a fair price? Thanks…groggy

Well it is an aluminum canoe with no documentation and that probably puts it in the $250 to $350 price range at best. Unless his trailer is totally awesome, I would say he needs to cut his asking price in half first. Then go from there!

If it’s poly or Royalex
It may not have a tag, just an HIN stamped or etched on the outside just below the gunwhale at one end.

Do you have to register canoes where you live? My rule of thumb on buying anything you need to title that has missing paperwork, walk away, tell them to call you when they get it straight.