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I’m looking for a canoe for Virginia rocky streams and rivers. More than likely just recreational/fishing. Local craigslist has older discoverys at around $500 and royalex canoes like campers and explorers are priced near $1000. Do these prices seem high? What are typical used prices for good condition canoes?

Well those prices are probably ballpark in your highly populated part of the country where there might always be a willing buyer amongst the many. For your needs, just don’t consider a keeled canoe for river use and unless you are very strong and athletic, try to avoid the heavy poly canoes if your budget allows because they are just unpleasant to handle. You should be able to get a decent royalex tandem river canoe for well under $1000 though. Keep searching.

I recommend
royalex. Also I recommend longer rather than shorter if you can handle getting it on and off the roof of your vehicle. 16 to 18 feet. Around here you can find used Old Town and Mad River canoes of this sort in very good condition for less than $1,000. Typically around $600-750. Less good condition for $400-600.

Keep looking
I got my MR Rx for $400 in great condition. If you are in a hurry you may have to pay, but it’s prime canoe high price season. They’re much cheaper in the fall-winter.

Also, I’ve got good deals by driving around lake communities and spotting canoes in yards/near the woods. Stop in and make offer. You’ll notice most of them haven’t moved in a long time. You can usually get a nice deal that way. They would let them rot instead of dealing with posting on craigslist.

Good luck

The both sound on the high side
I would keep looking unless you are anxious to get out on the water

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what rpg51 said.