Buying for Surf

I am new to the world of paddling and looking for some tips on what I should look for in a surf / wave ski? I am about 95kg (210lbs) and looking to use it in small surf and calm water

More info would be helpful.

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Where do you live?
Surf specific boats and and waveskis are meant for riding waves like surfboards. You may be thinking of a "Surfski" that is good for paddling in ocean swells and also on flat water.

A lot depends on where you live. If you live in a climate that has warm water and nice regular and consistent waves a waveski is a great way to go. Good skis to look at are Island and wavemaster skis, if you are in the US. If you are in Southern California I have a Wavemaster meant for beginners and intermediates for sale. Infinity Waveskis are nice if you like longboard surfing style, they are rare outside of Southern California. Dekka and Tsunami skis are available in Aus. and NZ. There are some other brands available in the UK. Lots of folks start surfing on Sit On Top Kayaks. Good ones to look at your size are the Wildness Systems Kaos and Cobra Strike. The Strike and kaos are OK for paddling on flat water but you woud not want to go more than a few miles at a time. Ocean Kayak Frenzy and Scrambler are nice boats for beginners who want to try a little surfing and a little paddling..

If you live in colder water areas or areas with irregular or messy surf I would start with a whitewater kayak if you are totally new to kayaking. You want a boat with a planing bottom and litttle tail rocker. Check what local paddle surfers are using in your area. After learning the basics of waveriding and rolling you can move up to a composite surf kayak. Depends again on where you live for what are regularly available. Only a handful of boats are good for paddlers around 220 lbs. Used boats to look for would be the PScomposites Mako, Mega Marauder (maybe), Dick Wold Big Machine or Super Nova. There are some newer models from Mega that would work but I'd start with an older boat.

Buying for Surf
Thanks for the tips

I’m pretty sure it is a wave-ski that I am looking for. I live in Brisbane, Australia and while the surf is little inconsistant it should be enough to keep a beginner like me interested

Here’s A Link…
for more info specific to waveskis/waveskiing, where to get a waveski down under, new or used:


Buying for Surf
I have been using an Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT for kayak surfing for 12+ years. I find that this model S-O-T is easy to get out through the waves, is very stable, cuts and tracks well.

While it is not a “surf ski” it does the job. I have surfed 5+ foot waves without a problem.

Also, as I am 6’1" and 225 pounds, it can handle my size and weight.