buying inflatable kayak

need to purchase an inflatable kayak ASAP; trip planned to Piney Crk & Mulberry in Ar.; too many choices/no “real person” advice…HELP!; profile & particulars: 65; 6’5"; 215lb; O/C 2/1 for 40yrs; plastic K/1 (OT Vapor)5 yrs; mostly class 1&2 Mo. streams; class 2-3 Ar.& Al (Hiwassee)- {first experience w/ inflatabe; drove NRS Outlaw? & new 10’ from China?..sold on inflatables / old guy who probably should start thinking “safety”& “comfort”

Price range: 400-1000; my search results: (besides Aire)= Sea Eagle 380x, NRS outlaw, Maxxom 1205?, Solstice convert., Tango, Airhead, Sevylor Colorado,…and, best ad. & computer pop ups: Aquaglide Klickitat 2; disclaimer: I have a proclivity towards new fangled stuff. Since I hate “pulling the trigger” on decisions & buying an expensive toy, I would be indebted to anyone brave enough to give an old fool, sound advice. Thank you in advance, Mike

Also , consider Innova

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I've got a Safari and it's a great boat!!/~/product/category=184322&id=465855

But, look at their others, they make good boats.

Also, I got a cart, similar to this

and strapped the bag that holds the boat to it. Also connected an NRS Paragon Pack so that I can backpack it easily.

Where are you located and when
are you coming to the Mulberry?

Mulberry/ When
My buddy is chompin’ @ the bit to get there on May 5 (optimal water conditions/ him)(I’d like another week to secure a boat)

Cool. Hopefully you’ll have water.

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I asked where you live because there's a tandem Aire Lynx in Carbondale, Illinois of all places that appears to be in immaculate condition. At your size a tandem might be the ticket. It appears to come with everything you need plus a bunch of junk you probably don't need but can sell or give to someone who does. Here's the link. I don't know much (okay, anything really) about duckies but an outfitted Lynx in that condition for $500 seems like a really good deal. Be sure to post up on the Arkansas Canoe Club message board when you're ready to head this way. If there's water you'll get floating buddies and free shuttle arrangements. Happy hunting!

if buying new for ww I would go
with this:

its in your price range, has a thwart for a backrest which is a real plus and comes with thigh straps- my buddy who owns wv adventures really like this company for “cheap” (noncommercial) boats.

I already own a saturn tandem , a riken cherokee, a sevylor, and an aire tomcat tributary.

If you prefer paddling with a canoe paddle check out the Soar boats in Cali.

I don’t care for my tomcat much. Zippers, and cheap bladder material are prone to failure- others talk about name brands and reputations but I’m talk’n half an inflated ducky in middle keenys (new in wv) with lots of rapids to go.

also factor in the price of a handpump to top off and I use a rechargerable coleman blower to do most of my inflating.

Wow!; thanx, Deuce
Roger, that & wilco; my paddle buddy is coming in this afternoon & I will share w/ him; what is the Ar. post dial up info…if U know?; thanx again for the solid.( and the trip got pushed back to the 11th…& i hail for Columbia, Il- across from St.Louis)

Here you go.

You’ll have to join the message board to post but there’s no requirement that you join the ACC to participate in a trip or invite others on one of your own. Just be advised that any trip you post is considered to be an open invitation. While you’re there tool around in the other sections. Tons of great info from some very friendly river runners, many of them expert paddlers, rowers and swift water rescue instructors. Hope to SYOTR.

Be careful of submerged debris, My brother was out in the middle of a bay near San Francisco, hit a submerged stick just under the water surface and within seconds was trying to paddle a deflated boat to shore, needless to say he got seriously wet