Buying my first boat

I know this question has been probably posted 100 times but I cant seem to find the answer. Ok heres where im at.


-need at least 19inch cockpit width

-I live in Michigan and we do alot of rivers where we have no idea how deep it may or may not be. (rocks) rapids but not any white water.

_want to be able to use it to pack gear in for long weekends maybe even some weeks.

-I really liked the Hurricane Expedition but another store has got me all worried about rocks on the thermoform.

Please tell me what to do.

rent and lessons
Rent boats and take lessons on basic skills (strokes, recoveries, etc.). It will seem like a bit of money up front, but likely will pay for itself in the long run.

Many people (myself included) buy the wrong gear up front, and find they end up spending more to by different gear later. better to rent and learn what you want first.

Look at the big-guy sea kayaks
Like the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 that come is plastic. If you want to cover 20 miles plus in a day you might go longer and narrower.


A good “Big Guy” boat
is the Impex Assatague. I have one and love it. I’m 285 lbs, and it feels great even with a fair amount of gear in it.

But, also look around. Try to find a demo day near you.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the thermoformed and rocks. Yes, it will get scratched up, but any boat will. They are meant to be used.

Why not a canoe?

Check out the Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. Huge cockpit, very stable.

Don’t worry about rocks and
thermoform. If you aren’t running whitewater, you won’t be hitting rocks hard enough to matter. Just be reasonably gentle when launching and landing off irregular surfaces.

Tried out the Tsunami 145
This is the smallest I can get in, I’m honestly on the edge of buying it I think its a nice tight fit.

Thanks for the advice. if any one can think of anything else i can do that would be great

I wish it was a tit bit wider.

I have a Hurricane Tracer
and have had it from several years. I have used it on lakes and rivers with no problem. Took it on the Current River several times and hit shallow spots often without problems.

I do not think it will do well in white water but for “normal” rivers or lakes they are fine.

You might want to look at the Tampico 140 form hurricane it is a narrower boat which should handle better.

Hurricane is a great (small) company with good products.


Perception Eclipse 16 or 17.


And others: