Buying my first Kayak. Need Advice

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Hello I am in the market for my first Kayak I am thinking of buying used. I would like to be able to use it in the Long Island sound and eventually do some white water kayaking with it as well. I am currently Interested in buying the Kayak (link below) from someone for $400. I am looking to see if anyone could tell me if this is a good price and a good kayak for a starter and what I am looking to do with it.

White water kayak
That is a white water kayak. Not something I’d use for Long Island sound, or anything other than a river. Be slow and cumbersone to paddle, and not something you could ever self rescue in away from shore, so serious safety considerations.

No matter what you get, make sure it is comfortable for you to fit in. Best to test paddle anything you are considering,

Don’t touch that
it is a white water boat.

Your best bet is to get to a place where you can rent kayaks and try a few out.

Get a kayak that is fourteen feet or longer if you are going to be in the ocean

Jack L

You need 2 kayaks
For what you want to do you need two kayaks. A white water for exactly that White Water. Then a touring kayak for long Island sound. I wouldn’t want anything less that 15 feet in Long Island Sound and not a REC (recreational) kayak.

Learn basics then buy
If the Sound is one of your likely locations, you must be near some decent places to get solid advice and even lessons on the basics. You are wasting your money until you understand more about kayaks than is apparent here. Spend it wisely and you will be able to choose a boat with which you will be happy.

Not that boat
Sadly, the wonderful Small Boat Shop in Norwalk recently closed or I would have referred you to them. They not only sold quality kayaks and other small craft but used to sell used boats on consignment. Still, there are other good outfitters and dealers on the Sound.

You really should paddle with a guide or instructor to start with. The Sound is technically part of the Atlantic and has the same potential dangers including strong tides, rip currents, sudden storms, rough waves and cold, deep water. Once you have had some basic instruction in a seaworthy touring boat you will be better prepared to seek your own kayak. As others have already explained, that whitewater play boat will not serve your purposes on coastal waters and the rivers that feed the Sound.

better options

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A number of factors will determine what is a good boat for you. Your height and weight need to be accounted for in finding models that are suitable fit. For instance, in your region's Craigslist, here are a few competent offerings, but they are for various sized people. Only sending you these so you get a better idea of the sort of kayak that is appropriate for coastal use and what budget to expect to need.