Buying my first kayak

I am looking to buy my first Kayak, and was wondering which would be the better choice. I’m on a $500 budget and have seen a couple local kayaks for sale. I plan on using it on flat water lakes, and some slow running rivers, but mostly flat water lakes. I’m a beginner and at 6’2" 210 lbs. The two kayaks I’m looking at are a Necky Santa Cruze 12 ft, and a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. They are both used and haven’t seen either in person, just curious what the better Kayak is? Any help would be much appreciated as well as any advice for a beginner. Thanks


Both will float and be okay, but a 14 footer would be better at 210 lbs.


Huge Cockpit
The Pungo 120 has an insanely huge cockpit. It tracks like it’s on rails also. It’s a nice kayak for flat water or slow rivers but not intended for whitewater.

The Santa Cruse has been out of production for several years, make sure these kayaks are in good condition and check the serial numbers to determine the age before you buy either one of them.