Buying Old Town Discovery 174 help!

Found a great deal on a seemingly great canoe on CL. Problem is the seller insist that the size is 10-12ft. Nowhere can I find that model is that size. Everywhere says 17’. Considering the low price and the fact that I can’t find a 10-12’ Discovery 174 anywhere. Is this a fake??

any thoughts much appreaciated!

Craigs ad -

It comes with oars
don’t bother quibbling with the seller. The boat looks more dirty than used.

the number refers to the feet and inch length of the boat

17 feet 4 inches.

Looks like a decent buy.

discovery 174
Thanks for the reply! Im actually looking for a smaller canoe around 10-13ft. So given the good find on this one it seems great if it is IN FACT 10-12ft which the seller insist it is. When I asked saying how I was confused by everything Im seeing online saying 17ft. They said “the model is Discovery 174, but it’s not 17 ft” how is this possible?

it isn’t possible
Do not expect anyone who calls canoe paddles “oars” to know a 12 foot boat from a 17 foot one.

The boat is quite a good deal if you are looking for that type of boat. It is indeed 17 feet 4 inches in overall length and it is very, very heavy.

There are very few 10-12 foot
canoes unless you are looking for a solo whitewater playboat or a child’s custom flatwater canoe or a pack canoe.

All of those are in your target size range; the latter two would be appropriate for folks under 120 lbs and not appropriate for over 120 lbs.

What sort of boat are you looking for? Tandem? You won’t find one in that length range.

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I have a 12 (or 13ft) fiberglass canoe i got recently. It’s not bad but I need to re paint the pealing hull and the fiberglass itchy inside the boat is peaking out a bit. PLus the not so comfy cane seats. But its durable and light enough to portage. It’s not a bad boat. But if i were to find a newer/nicer poly material around same 10-13ft with nice seats and light enough. that would be the one!

poly isn’t going to be any if at all

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a weight savings.

Tandem boat?

If not look at the Old Town 119 and find one on craigslist. There might be a wait.

Lighter( cause its RX and not poly) but essentially the same is the OT Pack

If the bottom is as good as the
rest of the boat, that is a good buy.

It is 17 feet four inches.

I just sold an OT Disco 158(15’-8") for $200.

Mine weighed 80 pounds, so you can imagine how heavy that barge must be

Jack L

buy it to flip
At that price buy it to flip. Wash, wax, clean up the thwarts and you should be able to get $300-400.


i think what the seller means; with 2 oars, you can go 10 to 12 feet with it.