Buying older kayak

I have no problem buying a previously enjoyed kayak. Having said that I have a chance to buy a 2000 Nighthawk 17.5 or a new one. Buying used will save me about $1,400. Question is do i need worry that the hull is about 12 years old. Degradation etc??

Owner claims great shape. Minor scratches. I am not doubting him just wondering about internal invisible structural issues at the molecular level in a 12 year old Carbonlite boat. Do I need be concerned that although boat looks great it may not be deep down inside??


Don’t worry
If you like the boat and test paddle it to make sure then don’t worry.

Damaged boats show damage very clearly on the outside. You don’t have to worry about hidden cracks.

test paddle
Yes I understand that if it looks good, paddles good etc. What i am asking is do i need worry about internal degradation in the Carbonlite material after 12 years. Point is owner and myself may think it’s fine but…

In general terms, plastic dies from the outside in.

If it has taken impact the stress is highest on the surface, and cracks will be visible on the surface.

If it had degraded from UV it will be visible on the surface.

If it has be subjected to chemicals they contact the surface, not the inside.

So if the surface looks good, don’t worry about the inside.