buying suggestions

I am a small adult. Very small, 5 feet and 94 lbs. I’m looking to purchase a kayak for use in lakes, rivers, and protected ocean areas.

I have gone to a local dealer and found that a child size 12ft Carolina Preception is a great fit. I’m looking for something with more features, such a seat with a back to it, and dry storage. Any suggestions on compnay names and models would be much appreciated!!

New Capella 160
P&H just recently introduced the smaller Version of the Capella (called the Capella 160)

Although this is a full featured sea kayak -


22" wide

Drop skeg

3 hatches, 3 bulkheads, and deck lines.

The New Easky 13 would be more of a touring kayak - however a bit larger than the carolina 12.

Try The EMC Episea
it’s two foot longer and 1" narrower. I wish I had gotten this boat for my kid.

I bought an Umiak (now call Carolina 12) for my younger son and the sold it as he outgrew it. But, I used to take the Umiak for pool practices. At 5’3" and 140 lbs I fit in the boat, after I removed the molded plastic seat.

I think the Episea would have allowed by kid to keep the boat longer and grow more skill wise. Both the Carolina 12 and the Episea will need add on thigh braces to allow you to edge/lean and to roll better when you get to that point.


I “Swim” In The Capella…
unless this boat is much smaller or the poster is looking to do overnighters with lots of gear. I wouldn’t recommend the Capella as a small paddler’s boat.


new Small capella
the new smaller capella is sized down for paddlers between 90 and 160lbs

Have you tried the Perception Sole
One of my many daughters is even smaller than you at 4’-11" and loves her Sole.

It has everything that you are looking for.



I haven’t been on the Impex website lately, but they used to have a couple of boats that are a pretty good size for smaller paddlers. I think they are the Sea Breeze and the Mystic - same hull, but one has dry storage and a skeg and the other doesn’t.