Buying used WS Sealutionwhat to look for

I just agreed to buy a Wilderness Sealution 16.5 footer. Boat, 2 paddles, pdr, and carrier for under 600, so I figure I can’t go wrong unless it is totally junk. Other than the obvious warping, scrapes, giant red flag stuff, what else should one look for in used kayaks? Also, I looked at the reviews, but any major pros/cons to this model that people who maybe didn’t fill out a review think?

FG or RM?
Make sure all parts of the rudder are working… and you do want a rudder on that boat.

Is this boat located in NJ by chance?

not in Jersey
Nope, not in NJ. Why- is there a junk one offered somewhere down there?

yup, has a rudder
and will check to confirm that it works. Thanks!

Not at all…
While I am located in CA, I have an old friend who is living in NJ and just sold his house/condo. He was clearing out his garage and had just contacted me about a week ago asking how he should go about selling his Sealution and how much he should ask.

His boat has been kept inside with little use for years… it’s a poly boat, but best I can tell it’s in great shape.