Buzz Off Clothing

Just returned from my first ever trip to the BWCA. One point of interest: My hooded BUZZ OFF shirt by Ex Officio.

Well… the results are unclear to me. I do know others in our party were fighting the mosquitoes. I had 4 - 5 of the insects land on the shirt. The strange thing is that out of the 5 only two attempted to dig their proboscises

into my flesh. The other three landed, sat idle then flew away. The two that attempted to “dig in” couldn’t make it through the clothing.

Oddly enough my legs were uncovered (wearing shorts only) but I used a product that basically looked like a canine flea collar. The item was purchased at a local outdoor store. I wore the plastic strap around my ankle. No landings took place on my legs.

Bottom line between the two - no bites and better yet I didn’t have to cover myself with bug spray! :^)

how about your standard
technical clothing? I’ve bought some new nylon stuff cause BW ain’t supposed to be cotton friendly. Seems to me the bugs wouldn’t have much problem getting through the flimsy material. I’m a canvas devotee here in Ideeho.

tell me more
I keep covered up on top most of the time in the bw but I need to wear shorts. I have never heard of the flea collar thing. It really works? Can you give me a brand name? Thanks.

* There have been rubberized plactic bands with Citronella in/on them that do seem to work.

  • Lighter colored clothing is always better…
  • Vit. B6 pills plus Italian food with garlic++ helps too.

    …all the previous lets me use as little lotion as possible. I’d like to try a short-sleeve, light-weight, wicking layer in white!! to try. Have used my Winter(BLACK!!) wicking layer to get the perspiration off the skin, but I have a feeling that the black shade’s preventing me from getting a fair assessment…&#^$%*%


Hey BeaverJack…

Wanted to say hello to a neighbor. I saw your post on p-net regarding insect repelent clothing and noticed you were apparently from Idaho. Seems most of p-net is made up of east coasters or coastal water folks. Just curious about what kind of water you paddle and location in the state. It’s always nice to have an idea of fellow paddlers potential tripping etc.

I’m a 51 year old ww solo canoe guy out of the Melba area and paddle with some folks out of Boise and Twin Falls. We do both WW and triping in and out of state. We’ve even been known to paddle with those double bladed butt-boaters :slight_smile:

… so all are welcome :slight_smile:

Have Fun and Paddle Safe


buzz off shirt
I have always wondered if the “buzz off” shirt breaths at all or is a hot shirt in the summer?

BUZZ OFF is Terrific

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I have also had great success with insect repellent apparel.

A good source of info abou BUZZ OFF can be found at Insect Repellent Clothing From BUZZ OFF at

A much cheaper alternative …
…is to spray your clothing with Permethrin, which I believe is the active ingrediant in Buzz-off clothing. I spray it on my hat, shirts, pants and boot tops. The mosquitos and ticks leave me alone and I wear that flimsy, dry-fast synthetic clothing. Exposed skin gets Ultrathon.