BWAC trip planning advise

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I'm going with a group of experienced paddlers to a part of the BWCA that none of us have traveled. We going on a 5 night trip this September starting at Moose River North up to La Croix and Crooked Lake and exiting at Mudro. Any suggestions on "must see" or "must avoid" lakes, routes etc. Any points of interest (pictographs, etc) along that way? Thanks in advance.
try i’m sure you’ll get more info there than here. have a great time on your trip.

I only paddled there once. Do not get too ambitious with the route planning. Wind can really slow you down. We did a lot of 20 mile days, but that is not a leisurely pace in the Boundary Waters. Don’t let your experts travel too fast and too far. Allow for some bad weather delays so you don’t have to paddle in 3 foot white caps to stay on schedule.

BWCAW in September
Tha Early sundown and possible times of snow squalls and changing weather will be possible your biggest factors. It has already hit 32°F in the BWCAW. September weather patterns are all over the map. From 70° windless bliss to 15° driving snow. Be prepared for either. Your route is attainable with good weather, equipment and Folks that work together well.

Pay attention to wildfire situation (eom