BWCA August 6th

I have an overnite permit for 8/6/07 @ Magnetic lake. Anybody been in the area lately? Curious about water levals and conditions of campsites on the Granite River up to Saganaga Lake. I’m thinking about the Ham Lake Fire and it’s aftermath. Thanks

Waters levels are generally low. We haven’t had much rain this year. That whole area was right in the middle of the fire. It’s best to call the ranger station to get a better report (218) 387-1750 or the Gunflint Trail Association 1.800.338.6932. I haven’t actually made it up there since the fire.

Thanks for the info
I’ll make a call or two and talk to my friends with the place on Gunflint. They’ve been there all month and should be home in a few days. See ya!