BWCA Destination?

I need a little advice about where to go for a three day, two night trip in the BWCA…

My group is trying to settle on the Lake Isabella or the Brule Lake entry point. Has anyone been to either of these destinations and would you please recommend a route and preference? It would be of great help.

Am not that familiar with specific entry points in the BWCA but wanted to pass on info that you may not be aware of. There has been a major fire burning in the BWCA for the past several weeks with firefighters still on site squelching flare ups. It is under control and was confined to the “blowdown area”. They are calling it the “Cavity Lake Fire”, presumably for it’s source location. I’d recommend you call the park service or DNR for more info before proceeding with your plans - unless your trip is for next year.

Thanks for the info sweetmeadow but the fire is 85% contained and they have already closed the entry points near it. It was a big fire, but quite contained and small in relation to the area encompased by the BWCA itself. There is still lots of lovely area not affected by the fire.

I went to the BWCA several years ago after the big blow down and it was still beautiful…just another of natures wonders.

No one has actually offered advice on which entry point, so I’m going with Brule.

BWCA destinations
Just came back from a 6-day trip to BWCA with the scouts. We came out Aug 3rd. Put in near Snowbank, went through Thomas, Frasier, Kekekabic, up to Knife and back to Moose. Weather was lovely most of the time. Didn’t see any smoke. Due to fire restrictions, we could not make campfires of our own, but otherwise no sign that there was an ongoing fire.