Group of 4 looking for great trip in BWCA over Labor Day Weekend (4-5 days). Good fishing and short portages preferred. Also looking for less traveled routes. We don’t mind changes campsites nightly. Any suggestions?

In reading your post, I’m not envisioning the place you are seeking in the BWCA on Labor Day weekend. All I can do is point out the tradeoffs.

If you want the best fishing, you need to make your trip by mid July. There can be some good fishing days in late August, but there will also be a lot of slow days. This is the time of year when prey is most abundant in the lakes.

Short portages lead to well used areas.

Labor Day weekend will always be a sellout on permits. The BWCA will be at maximum use and will be crawling with people. If you find an open campsite, better grab it and stay put. I can’t recommend daily traveling during that weekend.

If you’re willing to pay $$ for your solitude, find it even on Labor Day weekend, and not worry about finding a campsite at the end of a day of travel; get an entry permit for the Quetico. I’d recomend Beaverhouse - Quetico Lake entry. Five days will get you down to Jean Lake and back. Portages are not that long and you should find a fish or three. Have fun.