BWCA Kayak Trip Pictures

Will be filing a trip report on P-Net, but the below link gets to a slide show.

Gist of the trip–tow into western part of Lac La Croix from Crane Lake. Paddle length of Lac La Croix on US side (no motors). Get towed back to Crane Lake via Canada. 6 days, 6 travelers (4 kids) 4 boats. About 30 miles of travel as the shoreline goes. Travelled 2 1/2 days. Played 3 1/2 days.

Looks like a great trip!!

Nice to have a vacation that is relaxing!!!

Good for you taking the family kayaking

Looks like fun!
I got a good laugh when I saw your kayak loaded with deck bags and passenger. Reminds me of how I must look, Although I did get my youngest into his own kayak I still carry twice as much as everyone else. Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures.

Whats going to happen when everyone wants their own boat, I noticed the 4 boat restriction on party size. Have they not noticed kayaks replacing canoes in the marketplace?

However much I love my recent kayaking experience, I think canoes will continue to dominate the BWCA…easier to portage, and a lot of BWCA travel is about portaging. Meeting 4 boats from a different group at a portage can be daunting. Often there isn’t room to load and unload that many boats. A group of kayaks would take more time, as individual dry bags are packed into larger bags for ease of carrying.

We chose Lac La Croix because it is a large enough lake to explore without portaging, where we traveled there are no motors allowed, yet we had a safety-net of two Canadian outfitters tuned into specific marine channels for emergency purposes.

So while the vast majority of the BWCA seems better suited to canoes, there are some big lakes that look kayak friendly–Basswood, Saganaga, Lac La Croix. Plus all of Voyaguers National Park, which I wanted to avoid on this trip with the kids because there is more open water than on most of Lac La Croix, and I did not feel it matched well with our group skill level and equipment.

This part of Lac La Croix was beautiful. We did not meet any other paddlers until day 4 of the trip.

Trip report now posted on P-Net