Recommend the best course for arriving Fall 2015 without reservations ? What park, what portal ?

Are you sent to Mud Lake, Boggy Creek…doomed, sucked dry by biting insects ?

no . Icy lake
snow is a real probability in fall.

There is a whole forum for things bwca.

Global warming
report from Otterwa tonight sez White Christmas is passe…tho this is probably wishful Canada think.

I read where the best BWCA timing is during Indian Summer following a frost.

I hear rolling eyeballs but that is ‘expert opinion’

Happens every 10 years ?

Haying season is pleasant. Is hay made near the BWCA ?

I’ll look in Weather Underground.

Entry quotas not used Oct 1-Apr 30
Just get your permit at a FS office and go. No reservations needed. I’ve been on a couple of wonderful trips in early October. Nice fall colors and daytime temperatures in the 70s.

Check the weather, it can get cold. Keep in mind that water levels may be low when making a final route selection. You may have more or longer portages.


depends on when
i seem to recall that one of the very first uses of SPOT was in BWCA in October. idiot went in in bad weather and called for a rescue.

went in again a bit later on to get his boat, and got frozen out and called for rescue a second time

I’ve always wanted to do a trip during late Sept, hoping to see a lot of colro change - even if it snowed, the lakes wouldn’t freeze up yet

I’d avoid labor day weekend, but otherwise, you should be able to pick whatever entry you wanted in either park - a weekday entry is always easier to get than a weekend one

Spring’s here

rain ?

great site, no wandering off complaining unless you can’t read.

2 weeks from now, winter again.