BWCA Permits?

 Are permits required for making daytrips only into the BWCA?

YES - but you don’t need to reserve them, as I don’t think there is any limit on day trip permites. Just pick one up at a ranger station. Might be worth calling them to see if there are any “self-serve” locations for getting one.

self-serve" locations
Yes each entry point has permits you fill out yourself and deposit in the box. This is only for day trips not overnight camping.

permits for BWCAW
Yes, you always need a permit to enter the BWCAW.

But if you are paddling, not using a motor, then you can fill out a self issuing day permit which are located at each entry point.

For motor boat travel, you must have a “real” issued permit for overnight or day use, & there are quotas so if there aren’t any left, you are out of luck.