BWCA Route & a Viking Dolmen

-- Last Updated: Mar-04-11 4:32 PM EST --

Went into the BWCA over the weekend. We ended up getting iced-in on Sunday and had to paddle over about 1/2 mile or so of 1/4" ice. We wanted to visit the dolmen which is a rock that some experts believe 5th century Vikings placed in Minnesota. It was a pretty fun trip and I highly recommend it.

The route starts at Sawbill Lake, portages into the Kelso River and comes back on Alton. It's a short day trip. We did it as a late season overnight.

Video and pictures on my blog:

pretty cool.

I’ve seen some weird things like that in glacier fields as well.Good for tourism though.

Sawbill loop
I think I’ve seen that rock before and I’ll have to stop and ponder it the next time I pass it. And now you have me wondering how many rocks support Table Rock in Crooked… Was just on the Sawbill route in mid October, the first of the only 2 days when it got above 50F in Duluth. Easy day trip from Duluth and very enjoyable when you just need a little taste of the BW. In late July check out the orchids that bloom along the Kelso River swamp among the picture plants.

I think I have a picture of that table somewhere. There’s a thread over on myccr about glacial erratics right now. Lots of pictures of boulders perched on rocks.

I’ll have to look for the orchids next summer.

Kelso Dolmen
We checked out the Dolmen the first year we went into the BWCA. Kelso lake is also loaded with Pitcher plants.The Viking theory is cool but with the Dolmen located on the river right at the trail head for the old fire tower, I’d have to go with the bored forest service workers.