BWCA trip info

I’m finally going to get to take my 2nd BWCA trip and I’m looking for some information. I’m planning to enter at Little Indian Sioux River north (EP #14) on Sept 20 and do a 7-day loop through Shell, Oyster, Gebeonequet, Pocket, Finger, Beartrack, Eugene, South, Slim, Loon, and back to EP #14 on LISR. If anyone’s done this route, I’d like to know your thoughts on whether it’s better to do the route clockwise or counter-clockwise, any good lakes (and sites) to camp, things to watch out for, etc. And also if there are any interesting side trips - Heritage? Emerald? Fat Lake? Thanks. BTW, I’ll be traveling solo.

check out CCBB

There are BWCA/Q specialists there.

Thanks, I’ve posted there - just trying to cover all bases.

Other boards…
Other places you might find information include: & good luck on your trip. I have not done that loop, but I have entered at #16 several times…


Thanks. I entered at #16 on my first trip.