BWCA Trip late July

I have been working the to many hours a week and not enjoying being with my teenage son (14) so before he turns into a real alien for several years, I decided to go to BWCA. The trouble is of course deciding on an entry point. As I decided late it could be a bit hard to get a permit but I hope a tuesday start may make it easier. I have plenty of wilderness experience and Ben is comping along well.

I use an outfitter near Ely, so I would like some 5 day trip recommendations, may have to do Lake One as I dithered too long. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


late July trip
You will have lots of company in the BWCA in late July. And those entry points out of Ely are some of the busiest with canoe traffic in the BWCA. It’s the popular time for folks to base camp and enjoy warm summer weather at a lake 1 to 2 days travel from the entry points. So if you want to travel every day, get on the water early and grab an open campsite by early afternoon. Lake One entry does give some options. But at that time of the year I think I would head along the border from Moose Lake to Knife and into Lower Arm Knife and maybe route back through Ensign. Bigger waters have more campsites and less chance they will be all occupied, forcing you to portage to the next lake just to find a campsite. Adding one or two days to your trip will get you to Crooked Lake.

to my amazement
there are some openings for Lake one in july. It is the most used entry in the bwca. Lake one is part of the kawishiswi river and is good fishing. I was going to suggest snowbank but that is booked up. If you are goining to go you better get the reservation soon.