BWCA water levels

Have the heavy midwest rains hit NE MN and the BWCA? Are BW lake levels up, down, normal?

Average or better
is what the water levels are this spring . We’ve had a good snow cover this winter and steady rains [ light ] till today . I should be out paddling right now but if I don’t cut my grass today it’ll be a jungle. They are calling for more rain . Friends that have been out say all the lakes are high . Come on in, the waters fine ! tony

Lower h20 levels
I areas I have been in lately have been lower than expected for this early in the year. This is east of Ely.

Was 5/30 to 6/5
’Twas my first trip ever. We were in Knife Lake. The word that I received that the water was up. I certainly did not see any sign that the water was down. But I must admit that I have no point of reference.

Sawbill Outfitters reported 6/8 that they were able to canoe a creek that they usually can’t from Smoke to Sawbill. Sounds like they are up a bit.