BWCAW Fire Map

This is a link to a map that shows the location of the fire. It is about 45 minutes up the Gunflint from Grand Marais.

We saw a brief dim display of the Northern Lights tonight, so, hopefully, that is a good sign. Town smells like smoke again.

Nice site, thanks for the update!!

appreciate you posting the link

Fire Update
It’s up to 1300 acres, but they are calling it 35% contained. They expect it to head further north and move more towards the gunflint. We are having cooler weather, but today was windy on Lake Superior – I don’t know what it was like up the Gunflint. The firefighters were going to attack the fire head on today.

The rain help ?
Thanks for the post Bryan - My wife and I are heading up to “our piece of heaven” next weekend.

We found GM by accident 15 years ago and can’t find a better place to get away from it all .It’s off topic but I noticed the Cook Co. fair is next weekend - How bad is it ? Any local business I’ve called say its not near as crowded as the Fishermans Picnic . Any feedback ? Thanks again - gale

Current data
From Voyager

Fire Facts by the USFS:

Date started- 8/6/2005

Cause- lightening

Current Size- 1335 acres

Injuries to date- 3

Estimated Containment- August 20th, 2005

Personnel- 268

Wilderness Campsites Closed- 18

Cost to date- $1,885,000.

More info at

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