Bye bye daylight savings time!

Heat can be acclimated to. At our ages, maybe not very quickly.

California here! So glad I don’t have winter! :grinning:

Older you get they say the harder it is for your body to regulate it’s temp.

I was working laying brick and block this year in the heat. I didn’t care as long as I had fluids. My Carhartt pants were wet to nearly the knees. Younger guys were like how can you work like that I said fluids!

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We learn technique to compensate for stamina. Force of will makes up for what we lose in endurance. My current average speed goal for a given track is .45 mph away from the best average that I could do in 2010, but my consistency is vastly improved. It doesn’t get easier, but it wasn’t easier 12 years ago either. I said before that kayaking isnt fun for me - its a challenge, and the enjoyment comes from improving through skill what is lost through aging. So far I’m fairly pleased. I learned a lot in the past year, PaddleDog52, and even though we have different paddling styles, I learn a great deal from out discussions about paddles and technique. That’s what its about. Pain is temporary. Bye bye daylight, hello winter, along with anticipation of next years challenge. That interlude is the time to focus on improvement.

Much less these days, but partly due to an excessive loyalty to good causes. My musical and other volunteer commitments have crept ever larger over the last few years in terms of time. So my fall for ex is a simply impossible mess of commitments. Also, cold weather paddling takes longer in terms of prep. And I lack a winter paddling companion these days, paddling solo in weather where ice is forming on the boat is not all that smart.

That said, even when I had a partner we gradually let go of paddling when we had to drive 30 miles to find open water.

I would rather cold than warm though. I really, really cannot function in the kind of humidity and temps we had in this area in August.

Drysuit time and winter paddling is 45 minute prep to launch and that’s sliding it off the dock in the backyard. If I had to load a hull and drive somewhere :scream:.

My cycling dried up and I have been kayaking. Cold and dark it’s easy to air up the bike and go in 5 minutes. Bike I can go in dark but not kayaking in dark cold water. Bike is easy even if it’s a 5-10 minute ride kayak not so much.

Imagine how much easier it would be to just sit on the couch with the heat or AC keeping the temp an even 72… That’s what most people do. :joy:

That’s my partners brother to the most extreme case you can imagine. Blinds down all the time TV or computer is his world. It is with no exaggerating killing him literally. We are on to opposite ends of the activity scale. I told her do not enable it by doing anything for him. She’s so sick of him it’s sad.

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Thankfully, no more drysuit paddles for me (FL paddler).
Tthough I bought a cheap one (Mythic Gear) a few years ago.
When living in WA (state) years ago, I’d paddle to the coast for surf sessions (winter surf).
On arrival in Westport, in car, put on:
polypro underwear, bunny suit, drysuit, something on neck (started with vasolene, I forgot what I switched to later on - somewhat alergic to the latex gasket), booties (hood, helmet, pogies on the beach)
yes, drysuit time indeed.

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Only good thing is my drysuit prep is in my house 90% of the time with backyard splash. Other times go ir 30-40 minute trip all my under layers are on me and I drive in them.

Sounds like today’s typical teenager. Does that make him young at heart?

Of course back when I was a kid my parents’ generation said the same thing, but about television.

I don’t paddle much in the summer except for camping expeditions. Too hot, too many deer flies, and too little water in the river. Sun, no wind and 45 degrees is ideal for me - very comfortable in a tee shirt, but also very rare.

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Hi there. I do not kayak in the winter except in florida. you have guts.
Please consider getting yourself an OTT LIGHT which can provide you with light to
beat the S>A>D> you have. Daylight is always better than more darkness. namaste.

He lost 92 pounds YIPPIE

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