Bye bye daylight savings time!

More or less time paddling for you?

It would be great to also do away with winter. Oh wait, thats what climate change is for!

I love winter. Stay in excuse not to keep working on houses. Paddling with no bugs or boats.


I like winter, too. Underrated season!


Retired, so only change is time of day I head out. My two cold weather rules have been tossed, though - One was have to paddle at least once every month, and other was if it’s 32 degrees by noon, I’ll be there. 45 degrees at launch time is the new rule. We did get New Years Day in this year before everything froze.

I like winter too, both days.


I dread the darkness of winter.


Summer fan here (even here in steamy NE FL).
Though I don’t enjoy the heat (I avoid daytime paddling), I do enjoy the 80deg water.
Hanging upside down, listening to the clicks and squeaking of the dolphins.
I don’t get wet too much in the winter (other than the occasional surf trip).

Here in Long Island it’s hard to imagine winter in the summer and summer in the winter :rofl:.

I have done only one overnight winter paddling trip in Feb on the Colorado River. The darkness and lack of fuel for fires was very difficult to overcome. I do like the desert in winter.

I like winter, but not for kayaking.
All ice, no open water.

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I hate getting out of work in the dark, but I would also hate it staying dark late into the morning. I’m OK with switching back to standard time. We have the same amount of daylight either way. I paddle all winter and the the time change doesn’t effect my paddling one way or the other. Even in the coldest winters we manage to find open water.

Ice at the take out


I have seasonal affect disorder and am really feeling the loss of sunlight. Since my teen years, I learned the best antidote is to stay active, as much as possible, with outdoor activities. It’s the combination of exercising the muscles and getting sunlight that provides relief.

Keep moving!



I have seasonal affect disorder, exacerbated by cold adversion syndrome and dislike of cold water. My remedy is natural gas heat and a wood fireplace. Sometimes I emerge from hibernation and badk in the sunlight on warm winter days. So far it works for me. Good luck y’all. There are a few good days left.

Rookie, I also don’t like the dark .and we get far less than you.
Our winters, mid Dec through February, are mostly wet with little snow or ice.
Wet and 40° is bone chilling.
Dreary is very descriptive.


I think I was heading for seasonal affective disorder until I moved to FL. I hated the winter and had lost all of my cold tolerance as I got older. I appreciate each and every one of our bright and sunny days, even when it’s blisteringly hot. I don’t like it when daylight savings ends, but the earliest sunset here is 5:35 PM, a lot better than the 4:15 in New England.

I paddle a lot more when the weather cools down a bit. Here on the Florida panhandle the heat and humidity can be pretty brutal.

Cold would be more tolerable with longer daylight hours.


That is true and I noted it the one time I was down in FL attending a gathering in winter. I love the sunlight but HATE the heat. I find that I don’t want to do much of anything physical (unless I am surfing) when it goes beyond the 80s. In the summer, I actually do more of my outdoor activities in the early morning, before most folks even wake up. I find the relative solitude a plus too. :slight_smile: