Bye bye Eddyline hatch cover

Good for years then this year gone. Front hatch is fine.

Always 303 'd and rinsed maybe 2009. Why front like new rear crumbling?

Ordering new one :laughing:

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Yeah I had to replace mine last summer too. The new one is perfect.

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Anything made of rubber like composites will fail. Black gets hotter that white in the sun. Fortunately it’s an easily replaced expendable part of an expensive to replace Kayak.

Hmmm. I’ll have to inspect the hatches on my '08 more closely. Thanks for the tip.

The original Valley hatches used on many boats tend to degrade after only a few years exposure to UV. Tom at TopKayaker recommends Sea-Lect brand hatch covers instead. He says that they will often be the last replacement hatch covers you will ever buy.

Most of these Tupperware-type hatches are still available, even for long discontinued boats. At one time Valley produced essentially all of these hatches, although some boats like Necky, had the logo of the boat manufacturer on them.

Front hatch is perfect.??? Crazy.

Hi Paddledog
Do you store your kayak outdoors in the sun? I think sunlight helps destroy rubber hatch covers, so might be best to turn it over if outdoor storage is necessary. Too bad there is no sunscreen for hatch covers.

Always tarp doubled up . 89 bucks plus shipping.