C-1 conversion advice

I’m an ex-kayaker who’s now been open canoeing on mostly flatwater for about 7 years. About 10 years ago, I was running class IV pretty regularly. I’m now pushing 50, but am very interested in getting into a C-1. I want something just to run the river (class II-III) as I have no desire to be shredding holes. Thinking that a Dagger Atom might fit the bill, I’ve been trying to get ahold of one for two years now. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot available in my neck of the woods (N. California). That being the case, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what might be the most appropriate kayak to convert for my purposes. Your comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, Warren

Your knees must be better than mine!

Thirty years ago I was a C-boater, and was running water about the type you mentioned. But with age my knees are no longer happy with kneeling, so I have been kayaking (touring) for about 7 years.

I just thought it was humorous that you are planning on trading comfort for discomfort.



Very common converted
ones in these parts are Pyranaha 1:3 models and various creek models for c1 creeking. I had the Atom for a few years and enjoyed its slalom style but had a hard time with ankles and feet and could only stay in it for max of 15 - 20 minutes before a rest was needed. I did have a very low seat which did not help but lowered the centre of gravity.

You could also get a Finkenmeister
from Robson Kayaks. It depends partly on your weight. The Finkenmeister is a plastic C-1 and works well for people roughly 185 pounds and up.

If you go to cboats.net, you still have good odds of finding an Atom for a reasonable price.

I do not think much of conversions. One starts with a kayak hull that is rather slow, and when one has a c-1, the boat is a real slug. It is hard as hell to get back up into the play holes or onto the waves.

Here’s a web site
that gives some input on the “finki” http://www.open-canoe.de/open-sucks/

More Info.
I’m 5’9", 170lbs. I’ve always felt more comfortable kneeling than sitting. When canoeing I always kneel, only sitting to give the ol’ muscles a little break. In my kayaking days I never felt like I could reach far enough forward with my strokes. I feel like I can be alot more agressive with my forward strokes while kneeling and age hasn’t made too big a dent in my comfort level. Hope this info can help narrow the recommendations. Thanks for the help. Warren