C-1 Instruction Book

I’m interested in getting a C-1 and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good book and/or video. In olden times I was a whitewater kayaker, but canoeing lakes and rivers has gotten me hooked on the one bladed paddle. I’d like to give it a try in a decked canoe on whitewater. Any advice would be appreciated. Also if anyone knows of a used C-1 for sale in the Sacramento vicinity I’d like to know. Seems like all the c-1er’s are back east!


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Ask there and you'll get fully set up. Any modern C-1 videos I of know of are more like music videos of rodeo, not instructional videos, but I've heard rumours on cboats.


Also reading Thrill of the Paddle by Mason and Scriver will start you off right for ww canoeing. It's written for open boats, but tranfers to C-1 as a starting point.


The C1 Challenge
Kent Ford has a very good instructional C1 video (don`t know if it also is on dvd) called the C1 Challenge. You can buy it online on performancevideo.com. Kent was a top slalom C1 boater some years ago, and is a very good instructor.


C1 instruction
Davey Hearn’s website has some good info.


It’s slalom racer stuff but most of it will serve a rec paddler as well.

The “C1 Challenge” mentioed above is interesting if for nothing else but the infamous “dry hair roll” but it’s more of a C1 promo than a good instructional and it’s dated at that.

“We Designed 'Em” is a great C1 video but not an instructional.

“Solo Playboating” and “Drilltime” are both good OC1 instructionals. The technique will transfer well to C1 so that might be the best place to start.

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all for the advice. I think I’ll try to run down the Kent Ford video. I’m looking for basic instruction, not rodeo technique.

Whitewater video

got them all,


let us know

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As you're discovering, this is a bit of a gap in terms of instruction. Probably because it's a small, small market, and has been changing fairly quickly in terms of boat designs and paddler's interests.

But, the slalom C-1 resources and the OC materials will be helpful.

In a shorter boat you just can't be as lazy with your strokes, so everything you learn about keeping a vertical paddle, not bobbing your weight around, and using more offside strokes becomes more important in the C-1 conversions.

I just, finally, got myself a Wavesport Score converted to C-1. I'm looking forward to the new challenge, mostly as a way to enlighten my OC paddling and to keep me entertained on easy rivers, instead of getting into water that scares me too much.

"We Designed 'Em" was the C-1 playboat video that I was thinking of - not instructional at all, but it shows what can be done - in my dreams.

Let us know if you uncover any good resources on C-1 instruction!


Yarnell so you have gone to C1
congrads. Maybe even see you on a river this year.

I’m guessing it’ll be limited to class II recreating for some time, I’m sure I’ll remain more comfortable, physically and emotionally, in the open boat.

But, it’ll keep class II rivers interesting if I can my novice girlfriend into the Outrage, and I’m sure it will improve my strokes for surfing and spinning, etc. not to mention rolling!

Wish my knees luck. The first C-1 manouver I’ll have to learn is increasing the saddle height!


good ol Kent Ford, whatever happened
to ol smile-y?