C-1 paddle advice

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I currently am using a 25+ year old Mitchell C-1 paddle in my MR Freedom Solo. It is in good condition, but I am feeling a bit guilty using a paddle that maybe should be retired to a display position.

If I replace it, I would like to stay with wood, stick with a T-grip for whitewater, and have some sort of polyurethane or glass edge for the tip. Mitchell has a serviceable model. What are you C-1 paddlers using?


BTW: For those of you who were involved in last Saturday's "What wood is the veneer of my Mitchell paddle" discussion, I spoke with Mitchell paddles and in the '70s they were using both cherry and walnut. From teh color, I would guess that it was cherry.

Mitchell or Zav


Curved blade (cause it BITES!)

carbon on the blade.

Takes a lickin’

But it’s a warclub. I paddled my Osprey on some easy class II with the Zav and really enjoyed it. Only got tripped up by the bentshaft a few times. Sure is light!

Makes me wonder if I could make that stick last in Cl III?

The Guide, er, Freedom is more like the Osprey than a whitewater boat. I’d be inclined to try a nice light bentshaft in that boat.

I still need
a durable paddle for rocky WV and PA rivers, hence the desire for something other than a lightweight stick.

And when in WW I kneel, so I do not know how well a bent would work. And I don’t like how a bent feels on low brace.


Ever try a spoon blade?
Try the Aquabound Edge. I love mine, this thing’s got bite! Supposed to be durable, but I can’t attest to that yet as mine has only been out a couple dozen times. At around $75, its a heck of a paddle.

Flirtin’ with Disaster
I almost always kneel. My Zav is 54" which I think is pretty long but works for me…because I kneel?

I have no idea how the bent will hold up to a hard low brace. I trip over it sometimes trying to do cross forwards.

Yup lots of rocks and a pure carbon stick.

Flirtin’ with Disaster!

Actually, yes
Back about 1976 or 77 I converted a broken Ki1 paddle to a T-grip and used it on the Yough several times. It was overly spooned, and I didn’t care for it.

I plan on sticking with A) wood, and B) flat. Old dog, new tricks and all that.


Echo paddle for sale, 60"
incredible paddle, about as good as can be made of wood. if the size is right, i can send you photos of this baby. little use, it’s all but new. stiff, strong, and relatively light. a stick of choice by c1 creek boaters due to it’s strength.


I tried several ways to get tot Echo paddles, but couldn’t get through. Maybe later.

If I wanted to drop $300+ on a canoe paddle, I would order a custom Keith Backlund or a Jim Snyder paddle. Both make exquisite wood creations, but I don’t want to go there.


what paddle, what price?

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I've never seen an Echo in these parts (I'm just over in Vancouver).

Which paddle is it and what's the price tag?

Feel free to e-mail me a pic.


I had one of each style, liked them both. I might by the bandit.

Finally got onto the Echo site

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look like nice sticks, but likewise I have not seen one stateside.

Like I said, supporting the local custom paddlemakers would be first on my list if I had teh bux.


Another vote…

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Another vote for the Bending Branches Expedition Plus straight shaft.
I sometimes paddle a Mad River Guide.
I always carrying a straight shaft & a bent shaft.
Bending Branches has a nice bent shaft; the Sun Shadow.
Both excellent paddles for the cost in my opinion.

There are several reviews on both of these paddles in the product review section.


I will look like a BB Geek
I will probably get an Expedition Plus. This I will add to my BB Sun Shadow ST 58" and my BB Sun Shadow Day 260 cm.


…Echo Creek Stick

I’ll be receiving Echo’s Creek Stick…in a few weeks, will have info, along with a few pics…fwiw.


has BB Expedition Plus paddles on sale. Just ordered a 60 incher. Thanks for everyones input!