C-1 suggestion

I want to switch from whitewater canoeing OC-1 to C-1, mostly to keep up with my son who is a kayaker. My canoe roll is still nonexistent but my kayak roll used to be okay though not great. Any suggestions on a kayak with which to make the conversion? I would like to keep developing my whitewater canoeing skills which is why I thought getting a C-1 would be better.

Try to pick up a used Dagger Atom or Cascade or

a used Perception Gyromax for starters.

Davy hearn will know where to access a mold if you want to build your own composite hull. Contact him at Sweet Composites

I started out in a GyraMax. Wouldn’t recomend it to anyone. Big marshmallow boat that one. Uhg!

Think about what you want to do with the boat, what you paddle now, how big and heavy you are and how low you can stand your saddle.

Then go over to www.Cboats.net and read everything.

For reference I am comfortable in an Outrage OC1 in III+ water, in a Dagger Atom C1 in III, a Perception Slasher C1 in II+ (III if I lose 30 lbs!) and a converted Wavesport Foreplay C1 in II.

My yakker buds say the Foreplay is a fast boat but it’s dead dog slow compared to anything else I paddle.

Good luck,


Why not go back to kayaking?
C-1 is pain boating, and don’'t I know it!

Or, you could upgrade your OC-1 for something faster and more agile. If your problem is filling up with water when tailing your son, get an electric bailer pump. You should have no trouble keeping up with kayaks on whitewater rivers, because ww kayaks have gotten so short and slow. I’m passing them all the time in my OC-1.

Be sure to check out Millbrookboats.com for a good selection of C-1s and high performance OC-1s. Kaz vacuum bags his decked boats and most of his open boats. He is also an Esquif dealer for the Spark, an ABS sandwich version of his Ignitor. Among his c-1s, if your weight is light to moderate, he has the Hornet, a narrower, faster semi-version of the Dagger Cascade. I have the Wide Ride, which is for heavier paddlers. Millbrook also has a planing c-1…the Amoeba… I haven’t seen definitive reviews.

Class V in the Chattanooga area can make you a glass version of the Dagger Atom. For a poly c-1 of relatively modern design, consider the Robson Finkenmeister. Probably the Fink works better for heavier guys.

If you decide to convert a modern kayak, try to start with one that has at least a bit of speed. In a short boat, you will have less speed to get back to holes or onto waves, and your single bladed paddle will be less effective than a kayak paddle. The Jackson Hero and SuperHero are fast for their length, but I haven’t heard about anyone coverting a Hero.

So, even though I have three c-1s, I have to urge you to consider going back to kayak or sticking to OC-1. Be clear on what it takes to keep up with your son.