C. 1977 Mad River Royalex Explorer

Rated “BCS” for Boring Canoe Stuff.


You’re suggesting we take this on?
Looks fixable if the woodwork isn’t trash. I can’t see from the video where it need skid plates. I hate skid plates anyway. You think the Royalex might be brittle?

Definitely doing the work.
Gotta put skids on as it’s worn well into the ABS. The one end I showed is bad in that the ABS has cracked/split because of high wear. Had to seal it up with my secret mix prior to putting the skids on. Gonna re rail it first, do skids last.


If this is an original Royalex Explorer my catalog lists it as 16’ 6" long. Later catalogs list the Royalex Explorer at 16’. Were the hull dimensions changed at some point? I have a 1975 Explorer which I bought in the spring of 1976. The HIN was written on the hull with a black marker. It was on my boat for several years, but is long gone now. Does this boat have the long, black fiberglass deck plates? Are they in good shape? Mine are pretty beat up and I’m looking to replace them.

It’s an Explorer.
HIN in undetectable on exterior and all that’s is written on the inside is the 4 digit sheet number.

This was brought to me by the original owner. Mega miles on the hull, she’s just not been in action for many years. Owner is at a stage in his life where this boat is going back into action. New wood and skids and she’s good for many more adventures.

I layer bias cut glass cloth for skid
plates. But if an end is split, I might mix in some Kevlar. Cloth skid plates sit pretty low, and are easier to patch than Kevlar felt.

I’m sticking with KV felt.
I have a roll of Kevlar felt. Custom cut all skid. Patching/fixing KV felt is never a problem. KV cloth won’t do anything for the use this canoe is going to get.

I think the Royalex Explorer is shorter
at the waterline than the Kevlar version.

I haven’t known MR to be consistent in catalog descriptions, but they usually are close on dimensions.

KV Explorer is 16’4", RX is 16’2" (NM)