C/D isle?

not to many reviews to be found. was wondering if any of you big guys out there have paddled one and what you think?

Sea kayaker
Sea Kayaker magazine did a review of the Isle. It’s definitely a boat for tall/large people.

Go Paddle
From your Big Guy Kayak search/post you’ve got a good list. Time to get on the water.

Let me know when you want to go play.

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projecting here, haven’t paddled one
I’m afraid it’s more of a niche kayak than the Caribou in that of all the kayaks out there that can carry a 275lb+lb paddler there are probably more folks who are beginning paddlers and want a ruddered big boat like the Necky Piinta. If you’re an intermediate paddler who knows how to roll I’d put the Isle on the list of boats to try out.

I’ve built a Chesapeake 18 and paddled a Pygmy Borealis XL which are also very big guy boats and have to say the BorealisXL is a much better design. If you’re seriously thinking of a big boat and the choices of production boats don’t meet your desires I’d seriously suggest you consider the Pygmy Borealis. If you build it for rough use it’ll weigh in about 55lbs which is reasonable for a big boat.

TideRace Xplore-x
Take a look at the Xplore-x. I am a big guy and have tried and owned many of the “big guy” boats and none have come close to the TideRace. It is a high performance kayak that can take you into any conditons you want to try. The build and finish are second to none.