C D solistice rudder replacement

Having trouble getting new cable to pass out of either end of the tube. I can run it up from front or back but when it gets to the end, it won’t come out. can’t see it either. Any ideas?

you need

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to take out the small black tube at one end. I found it better to remove the one on the stern. After the cable is out the back slide the small black tube over the cable again and then re-cement the tube to the hull. I'll think more today on what I did. 4am now and off to work. I restored a Nomad and was ready to cut the boat in half I was so frustrated trying to get new cables through. When the tube is out the hole is much bigger and you can direct the cable out with a small pick otherwise it will pass by the hole. Think I glued the cable end with super glue then cut it to prevent fraying of the end. Think I also cut it on a angle to give it a slight point. I have done my Solstice also to replace the cables. Make sure yew buy quality cable as there are different grades of stainless cable. You can get all you need from Current Designs including the thimbles and swages. You will need swage pliers also. I got from Top Kayaker I think. The cable is not running in a plastic tube as it appears, the tube on each end is only an inch long. Cable runs in the black plastic H-beam seam which has the glass over it on the inside.

My experience
Was that everything was easier with the small black plastic cable sleeves removed. CD will send you new ones.

A pick is necessary, I seem to recall one with a curved tip being the one that captured the cable.

Easiest if you have a spotter staring intently at the housing opening for the first glimpse of the new cable coming thru. At that point get the pick on the cable to pull it up and out of the housing channel.

Once the cable is through the housing and end is free, slide the black sleeve over the cable. I used pliable silicone sealing caulk to anchor the black sleeves in the cable housing.


no direct experience
but owning one highly lubed with Finish Line wax with Teflon.

a 16 gauge bicycle spoke should pass thru there as a fish.

need a long long
spoke. Tried pulling it through with existing cable and it didn’t work.