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In the article by Cliff J., he says to always stuff a bag, tent, tarp, when packing up…Why would stuffing be better than a nice folding up. Maybe I took it wrong?

Give It Up Coronaboy
In the end you know he’s always right. :slight_smile:

That struck me funny too. 1) My sleeping bags are always stuffed. 2)My tent won’t fit in its stuff sack without the best ol’ Boy Scout, neat, tight roll I can get it in.

If I recall he was talking about making a speedy departure from camp in the morning. If space isn’t an issue, and you’re pitching the tent again in a few hours, maybe it is worth thinking about his way.

In the end I’m probably going to find a bigger stuff sack for my tent. :slight_smile:

the theory
as explained to me by a salesperson at one of the outdoors stores is that if you fold stuff, the item tends to wear out faster along the folds. It sounded good when I first heard it, then I realized that I had one of my tents re-floored twice, the cause being normal wear and tear, but never had a problem with excess wear along a crease. Maybe I’m just too dumb to wear things out properly.

Hadn’t heard that…
about things wearing out on the creases.

A buddy who used to work at a backbacking store said that stuffing was better for sleeping bags, but I thought it was mainly due to less compression/loss of loft over time. I know they are supposed to do better stored that way, and we usually store ours in very large stuff sacks.

I can see stuffing a rainfly for speed reasons if volume wasn’t an issue. It seems like dry bags are always near their capacity for me, and a bulky stuffed tarp or tent might just result in a last minute do over. Entropy stalks me like a wolf as it is, what might happen if tarps and tents started getting stuffed? :slight_smile:

I stuff
I stuff most of my camping goods in drybags. Tent and fly, dining tarps, sleeping bags all go ass over tea kettle into the drybags and i just punch 'em in and shove out the air. no way to get it any smaller as the end result is a very densly packed package. I can’t even imagine the time you’d waste folding a 15X20 dining tarp.


I also find that folding traps air in the folds and makes it tougher to really compress the dry bags.