C tug cart with hard wheels

Has anyone been playing around with the newer c tug Hard wheels on their carts? How do they do in soft sand? Are they easily stowable in, say, the cockpit of a sea kayak? How much weight will the rig with the hard wheels support? I’m looking for a minimalist cart that I can put a loaded for camping sea kayak on and roll away from the surf to my campsite without unpacking the boat completely. Cheers------------

Saw one not long ago
Looked like the same as the soft-tired version except for the wheels. In other words, it was heavy-duty but also heavy, period. And bulky even when taken apart. I would not want something that big in my cockpit.


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A really minimalist cart is made in UK but they do ship to USA addresses. I sent an email to them before buying just so they know (site doesn't say much about international shipping). Cart may not do well in soft sand because wheels are small but works great on others surfaces and stows really small.


Specs: http://pull-over.com/pull_over_kayak_trolley_specification.php

Standard wheels
I have the C-Tug with the standard wheels and do not find it too bulky. I prefer a solid build and this one fits the bill. It fits fine in my low volume kayaks by splitting the components between two hatches. I’m definately curious about the solid wheels. The soft tires are no good in sand but otherwise I love it.


Good to see some new entries
That Pullover cart looks roughly the same size as the Quantum Kayak Cart. They both sit under the stern, so not the best for loaded boats. But nice for day paddles when you want to just put the thing inside the kayak without fussing.

Wheeleez kayak cart-mini great for sand
I have the Wheeleez kayak cart-mini and it is great for beaches, simple to take apart and assemble, very compact, and very well made (got it with a 20% off REI coupon: http://www.wheeleez.com/kayak-cart-mini.php). Also have a Paddleboy yedo cart (no longer made) which is bigger and harder to assemble/take apart and the hard wheels plow through sand, but it is much better for hard surfaces due to lower rolling resistance. Paddleboy makes a cart that looks identical to the Wheeleez mini but comes with regular rubber wheels and is a lot cheaper: http://secretdepot.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=34&idcategory=7).

The Wheeleez balloon tires roll over soft beach sand instead of plowing through it, makes pulling a loaded kayak a lot easier!