C-Tug cart

I need a kayak cart that can be easily taken apart to fit inside an NDK hatch compartment. The C-Tug looks like the best prospect. I read the reviews on Pnet and all of them are favorable. However, I don’t know if any of the reviewers put the cart inside a hatch opening of this size.

Anybody here have experience with the C-Tug?

No…but it’s on my list of must haves!

Carts are pretty easy to make if you can find some decent wheels. The high price has stopped me from buying any ready made cart so far so I don’t know about the C-Tug.

The main problems I’ve seen with carts is attaching them to the boat and tires that leak. Tubeless tires develop small cracks in the rubber. Every time you want to use the cart the tires need to be inflated first and they go flat again pretty quickly.

Should be fine
I have one and it fits into the hatch of my 14ft kayak easily when broken down.

From NRS web
Wheels are 10” in diameter and longest part is 21” in length.

I called C-Tug
Yup, they told me the wheels are 10" in diameter.

Interior diameter of the hatch opening is…a little less than 10". ^!$%!!

looks good
I use my cart for canoeing so the hatch size isn’t an issue. I’m interested in weight and durability. I like the idea of a plastic cart and the big pads that hold the boat should distribute the weight well, this is important on a royalex canoe. I do worry about having several parts that can break or disapear.

Hopefully the axels are strong enough not to get destroyed by the wheels, especially on rough terain. It’s one thing to use a cart on the road and another to use it on rougher trails. I wonder how durable it willturn out to be.

I have one and use it when needed. It easily breaks down and goes back together and fits in all my kayak hatches with no problem. It can be a little bulky, so don’t plan on carrying a lot of gear AND the c-tug. It is durable and will probably last my lifetime. Freya Hoffmeister, who paddled around Australia, somehow fit a cart into her Epic kayak (identical to mine) and also a crazy amount of gear and supplies. I wonder what cart she used?


C Tug
I bought one at the beginning of this summer with the intent to use it to take my Kaos down to the beach to surf. It works great; rolls comfortably on road and inflatable tires are pretty good going through the sand. Broke it down once to see how it goes, but usually leave it assembled. Durable and good so far from my use

Freya’s cart
I’m pretty sure it was one she designed herself… for awhile there were some for sale at her old 2008 and earlier website (not qajaqunderground).

this past july I did get a chance to meet her, see a replica of the boat she used on the Australian navigation, and all the actual gear it held…but hey I wasn’t noticing the cart…

why I didn’t get NDK
not the answer you wanted I know. You’d need to find one with small wheels. I don’t often bring my cart, but I’ve had some camp trips where I needed to haul my boat 1/3 mile so I like the option.

If in mild conditions you could haul it on deck. The C-tug is mostly if not 100% plastic and so should handle the elements well.

i have to have a cart
i dont drive so i use the cart to get to lake i live like super close but to far to carry yak and paddles and etc etc i dont know who makes mine but it does realy well it has big tubed tires and aluminum frame

Dear Pikabike,
The C-Tug won’t fit in my Romany’s hatches, but you could easily build a cart with slightly smaller wheels. You sound handy with tools and they are pretty easy to make. The main point is build them so they can be taken apart.

I made one with 8" wheels (inflateable) for use on the beaches. The frame was of cheap stock from Home Depot, stainless cotter pins and it fit in the front hatch of my Tempest, as well as the Romany.

New Camel Trolley - video
here is the new super compact Camel Trolley from Feel Free. Designed specifically to fit in the rear hatch - Very modern design…


this will be out in November at most P&H Kayak Dealers.

Here is my copper cart
I built this for my NDK Explorer. I went with 7" wheels so they fit into the day hatch, but up to 9" diameter wheels could be used for fit into the bow or stern hatch.


Very interesting
thank you for the link and heads-up.

I wish I’d gotten the e-mail of a guy I paddled with in Florida. He had built a take-apart cart based on Freya’s design, with some mods to suit him better. He put it inside an Explorer LV hatch.

I guess I could build one, but the list of things to do before I go away has become quite long already.

Could probably be made out of PVC pipe instead of metal.

Thanks for that link
I am reluctant to build one myself but may end up doing so.

The ref to “3rd generation PVC cart” made me smile–that’s one of the reasons why I don’t want to build: the first one probably won’t be quite right!

Here’s a site with a great cart,

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pictures and easy directions. It looks like just the ticket


Of course you'll use smaller wheels.