C-Tug Kayak Trolley--New Wheels???

I have a C-tug which I like to use occasionally for long carries. Mine has the old style rubber inflatable wheels. I like the cart, but it’s no good in deep sand.

I noticed that they now offer a solid wheel option. Can anyone tell me how this does in loose sand?

I also saw they have a “sidewinder” wheels extension that fits on these solid wheels. This doubles the width of the wheels and makes it supposedly do better in loose sand.

Does anyone have the sidewinder wheel extensions? do they really work better in sand and are they worth the extra money?

Is there any disadvantage to the sidewinder attachments for use in conditions other than deep sand?



I know these carts are pretty popular…

I am not sure if this helps…

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but we have a Wheel-eze with the foam filled tires and it works good on sand.
I like the fact that it never needs air and can't get a flat.
Last year I was using it to pull a 100 pound expedition kayak over sand.

Jack L

I have the hard plastic wheels. Not easy to pull on sand. Think the wheel extensions would make it better

Plastic wheels thumbs up
I love them on soft ground and sand. If you are mostly on larger rocks (softball size) or paved surfaces, the rubber tire would get the advantage.

I have stacked 2 kayaks and gear weighing over 150 lbs on my cart and the wheels did not dig in at all even in dry sand.

I am just using the “stock” C-tug, haven’t used or heard about the axel extensions.