C-Ville, VA

I’m going out to Charlottesville, VA this weekend. I’ve been out there a handful of times but have never taken my kayak (a sea kayak, not whitewater). I’m bringing it this weekend.

Can someone point me in the direction of a good place to go somewhere between Charlottesville and the Skyline Drive (Shenandoah Nat’l Park) area? Again, I’m NOT looking for whitewater. I need a good river or flatwater for my sea kayak.

Thanks in Advance!

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and ask for John Holden, the store manager. John is an icon in the outdoor community there and has been paddling the C-ville area for over 25 years. 434-977-4400.

The South Fork Rivanna reservoir is probably the largest body of water close to Cville, and would be suitable. The UVA crew team uses this for practice/meets. You can get a few hours of paddling in there. It’s just north of town. Beaver Creek reservoir near Crozet would be another choice, but much smaller.

or just
forget all that and head over to barboursville winery…c-ville is blessed with a # of excellent local vineyards.

and don’t forget the wine bar on the walkway downtown over by the ice skating rink…sunday afternoons he pours the saturday night offerings at a discount…excellent.